Softube 800

Softube 800
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The Softube is an accessory to the Joker. It transforms a normally spotty narrow beam into a soft and even linear source. These characteristics make the Softube the perfect comer light: ideal for window reinforcement, large vehicle interiors and wherever a compact long soft source is needed. Easy and quick set up saves the lighting crew valuable production time. HMI quality, low heat, high output.

The Softube is based on the fiber light guides principles where a beam is trapped inside a volume by multiple reflections and goes out through a selective path. The emitting source must be a highly concentrated light beam. The unit consists of three parts: the attachment ring, the translucent Joker Gel and the mirror cap.

Kit description

Softube 800 kit includes the Softube and the case.


Softube 800 is a rigid tube 1m30 long with 16 cm diameter. It produces 1m10 of linear soft light.

Softube 800 can be used with Joker 800 HMI.

Weight: 2kg

Case weight: 4kg 20x20x130cm




  The Softube’s success story

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