The Softube’s success story

Mounted on the Joker-Bug in PAR configuration (with the beamer), the Softube changes the narrow concentrated beam of the PAR without lens, into a linear soft light source. It adds lights without generating shadow, giving a very natural look to the scene. Horizontally in front of an actor or over a product for a pack shot, or vertically hidden behind a pillar, the Softube finds its use in every situation.

Thanks to its slim design, easy to fit in the tightest spots, the Softube has become an essential tool for many users across the world as explained in the following testimonials:

Vincent Prunier (French Gaffer working in the UK) about the TV show Tattoo Fixers with the Softube 1600W : "We rigged it on the ceiling. It was the perfect tool to simulate a light coming from the window, at any hour of the day. When the day was bright, the Softube was not adding too much light, but on darker days, it was really punchy. The goal was achieved: a constant light coming from the window, no matter the weather conditions or the hour of the day... So we could shoot at anytime!"

Alex Nabi, German DP based in Munich, about a commercial for Mini. He owns his equipment.

"The Softube for the Joker 800 is a great tool. Thanks to it, lighting in tight spaces or for close-ups is easy and effective. Joker Bugs are super versatile and deliver a nice and clean quality of light. Changing from a PAR to a Chimera Octaplus, Chinese Lantern or the Softube is easily done in a couple of minutes. I will always have them in my lighting package"