Slice 150

Slice 150
Slice 150
Slice 150
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To stand out from the seemingly endless crowd of flat LED panels, we've introduced the SLICE, a razor-light design that offers lightweight construction without compromising on quality.

The male/female aluminum extrusion design of our enclosure is sturdy and allows for countless mounting options. Drag multiple slices together to create a large soft light, or even drag them together at 90 degree angles to wrap your source around objects.

Holes are located everywhere to be hung directly on the walls. Magnets are attached in the corners for diffusion and grids. Accessories include mounting rings, 16mm spigots for use with a ball head and backplates for even more mounting options.

All Slice panels light with a color range of 2700-6500K and include a 50cm header cable, compatible with other Joker cables you may already own.


Technical data

LED type: Custom LED PCB's True color from 2700-6500 KK
CRI: 98/99
No ventilation
Connector type: Joker 200/400/800 Veam connector

SLICE 150L: Dimensions: 120 x 15 x 3.5 cm - Weight: 3.5 kg
SLICE 150: Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 3.5 cm - Weight: 3.4 kg

SLICE 75: Dimensions: 60 x 15 x 3.5 cm - Weight: 2 kg

SLICE 300: Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 3.5 cm - Weight: 6 kg
SLICE 4x4’ 1200: Dimensions: 120 x 120 x3.5 cm - Weight: 30 kg

300W Ballast:
This ballast offers an output connector and delivers 300 Watts for a lamp or 2x150w with a Splitter splitter of connectors (lamp1/Lamp2 controlled individually)
Weight: 2.4 kg - Dimensions: 200 x 190 x 85 mm

1200W Multiple Ballast:
This ballast offers two output connectors and delivers 1200 Watt or 4 x 300w with 2 Splitters (each lamp can be controlled individually Lamps 1/2 on connector output 1 Lamps 3/4 on connector output 2)2)

Weight: 4 kg - Dimensions: x 190 x 85 mm
Input voltage: 90-260V AC - 50/60Hz
Battery voltage: 48V DC (Neutrik connector on the back of the ballast)
Color temperature: from 2700K to 6500K
Control: Front panel ballast, DMX control via XLR5pin cable or alternatively using CRMX Lumen Radio protocol
Frequencies: 8,000Hz 66,000Hz (High Speed < 2500 FPS))

Slice 150 Broadcast
Slice 150 honeycomb grid with frame
Slice 16mm spigot
Slice Kupo gooseneck
Snapbag Dopchoice for 2x150  60x60cm

  Slice 150x2 interview itinérants

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