Slice 150x2 Travel Shoots

Matt Knapp for HSC.TV

"I'm on the road a lot, so the number of cases full of gear I travel with is critical. The Slice 150x2 kit is fantastic because it has two lights in one case that has the same footprint of most other single light kits. This gives me more flexibility, giving me the option of setting up one large 2'x2' key light, or booming each fixture individually for two camera set-ups.

Each Slice 150 is razor thin and lightweight. Being able to control each light from the same power supply allows for easy, seamless control. They're also brighter than any other panel of a similar size I've ever seen.

Using the same cables as my Jokers, I have redundancy of parts in my kits which is also helpful. More great products from K5600!" | vimeo | Instagram