Bug A Beam 400

Bug A Beam 400
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The Bug-A-Beam is the adapter that makes it possible to use a Source 4 cutout with a 400W, 800W or 1600W Joker.

For the 800W and 1600W, the Bug-A-Beam is a complete system that includes the rear end of a 750W Source Four, the mirror of which has been machined to allow the lamp to pass through.

Whether with the 400W, 800W or 1600W *, the Source 4 combined with the Joker gives a controllable and powerful beam, making the complete system (commonly known as Jo-Leko) an essential tool for many PDs.

* Not suitable for Zoom and gobos cutouts

 Bug A Beam 400 is a ring adaptor to adapt on ETC source four Junior






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