Jean Marie Dreujou (DOP)

Alpha 18kW on set "Black gold" directed by Jean Jacques Annaud

Bernard Fluss (Electro)

2 x Alpha 18 on set - film "Submergence" directed by Wim Wenders,.

Federico Angelucci (AIC DOP)

Joker 300 LED with Bug a Beam Zoom on set "Cops 2" Sky series.

Matt Knapp (DOP)

2 x Slice 150W illuminant interview for HSC TV (USA)

Test of the ALPHA 18 kW fresnel with hyperspot 3°

Pascal Monjovent

Alpha 1600 set in Switzerland

Anton Bakarsky (DOP)

Alpha 4 and spacebeam 3 prop on set - high speed shot

3 x Alpha 18 in zenithal position to obtain 64 diaph - advertising spot for Renault