About K5600

K5600 Lighting was founded in 1992, with the aim of developing and marketingversatile HMI lighting systemss. Since that day, the company has focused on bringing real innovations in the field of HMI lighting.MI.

Research, development and service are the main concerns of the company based in France and California. K5600 Lighting is a company on a human scale for which light and images are a passion. There are no endless meetings to make decisions, but a real dedication to providing good production tools. K5600 managers participate in all exhibitions to meet end users whether at international trade shows such as NAB,Cinegear,IBC,Cinec,Photokina,Camerimageor other national exhibitions that take place all over the world. K5600 Lighting manufactures devices based on the challenges faced by today's productions: tight budgets, small teams, limited filming times ... Certainly, great masterpieces of cinema have been made without K5600 projectors, but with more time and effort.ort. K5600 just makes the job easier and faster. Before K5600 Lighting, there were no devices offering a 360 range, no HMI Kits, no 800 W HMI projectors, no extension cables that could be used in 200, 400 or 800, no Softube, no projectors usable in shower , no HMI running in a Source 4 cutout, no 18KW Fresnel projectors weighing less than 60kg ... K5600 has produced only 10 devices in the past 24 years, but plenty of accessories to meet the needs of any shooting situation. Thanks to its reduced range policy, K5600 always has stock, whether in finished products or in spare parts.achées.