From the set of: Section de Recherche (Search Unit)

Series broadcast on French national network TF1 since 2006

During the first lockdown, we asked for testimonials of the use of our lights. Guillaume Gouas, sent us his feedback on the “Section de Recherche” (Search Unit) series broadcast on French national network TF1 since 2006. At the time Guillaume was an electrician, he became the gaffer in 2013 .

Hi Marc, 

You know how much I am loving your brand. As a proof is my list on the “Section de Recherche” series : 3 x Alpha 18, 2 x Alpha 9, 6 x Alpha 4, 2 x Alpha 1600, 2 x Alpha 200, 2 x joker bug 1600, 4 x joker bug 800 and 2 x joker bug 400).

I admire your work done with passion. Inevitably, you sometimes need some adjustments that only the field experience can give you, like the adjustments you did with the issues due to extreme conditions on the Alpha 9. You learned from this and came up with solution and, now, this light is perfect. I thank you for your dedication to provide us with the best. I also wanted to participate in the photo album. So you will not find your latest models there but these photos are also guarantee of the durability of the K5600 equipment.

I hope they will give you enough happiness so you decide to provide my crew with T-shirts, because the last ones I got (in photo 04) are less durable than your lights !! ;-)

I hope K5600 can get through this crisis without too much damage.

Looking forward to talking to you soon.

Kind regards.

Guillaume Gouas, Gaffer

4 x Alpha 4kw in space light version permanently installed at the Grasse studio . Prod: Associate Authors. 

Focus adjustment of an Alpha 18. Harbour of Théoule sur mer / Associated Authors / SR / Director: Alexandre Pidoux / D.O.P Christophe Legal 

"Electrician team dressed up by K5600 Fréjus : Frantz Lonété, Christophe Tréfigny, Julien Lopez, Guillaume Gouas.

Prelight from the terrace of the Grasse studio. (2 x Alpha 18, 2 x Alpha 9, 2 x Alpha 4, 2 x Joker 1600 chimera Shallow and a joker bug 800 chimera shallow).