Paolo Gandola and K5600

Paolo Gandola in the early eighties began to collaborate with many fashion magazines and signed advertising campaigns for the biggest brands ranging from fashion to cars, always putting beauty and sensuality at the center of his communication.

In 2014, he founded his production house "Zero Table Top" which aims to find and develop new young talents in the field of shooting beauty and food.Retour ligne automatique
 In 2018, Paolo chose to equip his studio in Milan, with two Alpha 4kW, an Alpha 800 and an Alpha 200. This collaboration continues over time with our new SLICE LED panels with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 99, thin and at the same time very powerful.


• You have built a photo studio in natural light. Could you talk about your relationship with light?Retour ligne automatique
I have always dreamed of having a place with the most beautiful light an artist can imagine, a place where I can go at any time of the day to photograph or film. Not finding it, I built it on the ruins of an old motorcycle workshop. During the summer season, it seems like you’re in Miami, but some winter days, to find Miami’s light, you have to get help!Retour ligne automatique
This is why the choice of K5600 lights for that natural sun rendering effect. They are small, compact, light, easy to use even if you don’t have a team with you.Retour ligne automatique
 I have the possibility of using the light points even in a completely overhead position. I can also remove the fresnel lens to get an open face, which is interesting.

• Today you are using both HMI and LED panels from K5600, what do you think of these two technologies?Retour ligne automatique
I love daylight and both technologies are interesting and helpful. I can get a lot of light with HMIs and I love LED lights when working on small areas or in places you cannot reach with large vehicle with equipment. I especially love being able to put together a set in a few minutes in the presence of a very small team in any situation!Retour ligne automatique
 Versatility and lightness are the two keywords for the future of production.

Photos of Paolo Gandola working in his studio making a video for Italian singer and artist Arianna Bergamaschi produced by Buddyfilm