JOKER & BUG A BEAM -1600-800W in Austria

Jakob Slavicek from Graz in Austria told us about his experience of working with our BUG A BEAM 800/1600W.

Jakob is a gaffer and owns the rental company Lichtwerk Graz.

He worked last week with DOP Vincent Seidl and Actress Anna Suk on a road safety commercial involving stunts, “Sonate“, directed by Nils Kaltschmiedt / Henx film GesbR.

“We used the bug-a-beam systems as our main lights for a night shoot. We placed the two jokers (a 1600 and an 800w) on one corner of the street out of frame and bounced on white boards. There was no use to change the position of the lamps, we only moved the whiteboards and refocused the bug a beams. So it was easy to change sequences- and light direction in a minute! Thanks to precise framing from the cutters and iris control, we didn´t need any flags, floppies.”

Picture below: JOKER²1600 + Bug a Beam 1600 +ETC lens tube 50°

“Our main lights were next to Vincent and me. It was very quick and easy to adjust the intensity of our light.The versatility of the Joker is truly a winning solution for us during the production of film “Sonate” and other projects! 800W and 1600W Systems operate from a regular 10 amps (230V) household or from a small 2kw generator”.


Now Jakob speaks as a rental owner.

 “Our Bug a Beam system for Joker 800/1600 are often requested in Austria, and we offer them in special kit well protected ( as shown in the pictures).

The fixed focal lengths 19 and 26 degree are a very good options. These kits are very handy to use in small rooms with short distances and they are powerful enough for bigger sets with long distances.
Our choice of using ETC “EDLT” lens tubes allows us, thanks to their brilliance, to gain ½ stop thanks and better accuracy of shadows.”

NB: Joker 1600 combined with ETC Source Four has some limitations due to heat produced by the 1600w bulb.


Limitations are as follow: 

- 1600 Bug A Beam will operate with all Source 4 Standard lenses BUT the Zooms because of plastic holders. So, use only with fixed angles.

- Use of Gobos is prohibited unless they have not a lot of blocking material (Window effects would work)

- Using the blades should not obstruct more than 50% of the Beam.

- The best output performance is with lenses over 30 degrees.