Joker 300 & Slice 150....Spot lights!

Giuseppe Bonasia (DOP) Milan - Italie

Young director of photography, Giuseppe Bonasia recently used the new Joker 300 Led with the Slice 150 panel and here he exposes his opinion.

During a commercial for Banca Sella, I used the Joker 300 Led with Pancake XS to illuminate the protagonist positioned near the table. The dimension and the polyvalence of the Joker 300 are fundamental and indispensable characteristics that do not affect the power of the product. Being small and handy, it can be placed with ease.

Link to YouTube advertising spot:


Giuseppe adds: “The PAR reflector guarantees perfect power and performance.

In fact, I chose to use it for a corporate video, using the Joker 300 and the Slice 150.

The winning key of the product is the fact of being able to use a single body with multiple accessories, depending on the specific needs of the set. This facilitates the setting of the lights even if you have not previously carried out investigation.

They are excellent tools to illuminate the set having all the necessary features to reduce set-up times and ensure perfect lighting.”

On picture PAR joker 300 led outdoor and Panel 150 inside all supplied by same PSU300w.

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