Joker² 1600...impressive !

Gianni Antoniali has been working with Ikon Production since 1983. "Together with Quasar production, we were looking for small HMIs to be able to easily light on our customers’ premises (Covid requires more today). We were interested in K5600 products and since 2 years we are getting benefits from their quality of light and manufacture. Following the advice of Sébastien B. sales manager for K5600 in Italy and following his visit, we decided to purchase the Joker²800 and 1600. A very good choice!

This “corporate” video made in Milan, is a perfect example of the advantage of using these powerful and easily installed HMI sources even on a rainy day.

The Joker²1600 restores the sun inside the building, marked shadows appear. The illumination level is impressive for the size of this projector.

The shooting with the RED Epic-W with Helium 8K 25 fps sensor, allowed us to shoot in 6K resolution at 50-75 fps, in sometime at 300 fps in 2K wide screen. We use our Zeiss CP2 series cinema optics (15mm, 21mm…, 135mm- T1.5).

Another focal lens is used in this video: Laowa Probe lens 24mm allowing macro shots thanks to its rifle shape. However, the Joker’s lighting power was needed to compensate its f14 max opened frame.