DOP Claude Marquet: experience feedback with Alpha 300.

For Claudio Capéo's clip: Mamma which has just been released, Claude Marquet, Director of Photography, tested two Alpha 300 Led.

He comments:

“I used them both outdoors. One reflected off a Lightbridge # 2 plate and the other was entering the sunset light in very warm hues. What I found very interesting in these cameras is above all the quality of the Fresnel with a very fluid focusing. The speed of installation and the weight of the projectors thanks to the separate ballast were a real advantage. The 7.50m lamp rise added to the cable on the head allows sufficient length to be obtained. If I compare with a Q8 which is heavier with the power supply in the head, the Alpha is more practical especially when in manual (not remote). We have a more accessible and very fast reading on the ballast at hand. While doing the tests at Cininter, I compared the Alpha with the Q8 and I chose the Alpha because it is more powerful and above all, I find the quality of light of a real Fresnel as I know it on the Alphas HMI. On my next project, I will ask for 3 because I can use them in different configurations, live but also, thanks to the power, in indirect. The IRC of 95 is sufficient even if today we find IRC of 98 but the main thing is that at the spectrum level, we have an R9 which is really perfect for rendering on skin which is essential for all chef-ops. I didn’t see any magenta or green correction unlike the Q8 but I have to say that I didn’t need any such corrections on the Alphas. Completely convinced by this device.